5353 Park Forest Parkway N. Charleston, SC 29418
Phone: 843-552-8585

Quality Education with Loving Care

Welcome to Loving and Learning Child Care Center, a privately owned preschool. Your child deserves the best care and education available, we take pride at Loving and Learning Child Care Center knowing that is exactly what we provide.

As our name implies, we recognize that children can only learn if they first feel loved and are safe in their environment. Our exceptional staff of professional caregivers and educators know this and have the talent and desire to help your child become excited, life-long learners.

Every aspect of our facility is designed with the whole child in mind. We offer up-to-date safety measures to help keep your child and our staff safe, as well as maintaining the highest standards of nutrition and cleanliness. Our rooms are well organized and decorated in ways that not only capture the interest and imagination of the child, but also support learning through play, as that is the best way for children to learn.

We would love to have you visit Loving and Learning Child Care Center and see for yourself what we are so proud of!

For Students

  • World Class Curriculum
  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Wellness and Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Encouraged Creativity
  • Diversity
  • Warmth, Welcome and Sense of Belonging
  • Large playground with designated areas for each age group.
    • Both sun + shaded
    • Great for running, soccer, kickball, and organized games.
  • State recommended nutritious lunch & snacks served daily
  • Dance express classes available
  • Amazing Athlete classes available
  • Soccer shots
  • Field trips - 4k & older

For Staff

  • Ongoing, Consistent Education for Teachers and Staff
  • Expert Trainers and Consultants
  • Childcare, Health, Safety and Security Training
  • All staff is CPR and First Aid Certified

Interactive whiteboard in classroom to integrate various learning styles into one experience. Students can learn by seeing, hearing, and interacting with the board through touch. This equips teachers with new, innovative ways to teach the same subject material.

When public school closes for virtual learning, we do offer virtual learning care right here at the center!

  • Large classroom for social distancing and space to work.
  • We will include regular school day activities including recess.
  • We will have extra school supplies on hand
  • Lunch and snacks provided
  • STEM

Qualified teachers supervising and checking school work to ensure the children are completing their assignments.

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