Our Programs

At Loving and Learning Child Care Center we proudly offer several programs for infants through preschool age students utilizing a highly acclaimed early educational curriculum that has been proven successful to educate and prepare your child for the next level of his/her education.

Infant Program

At Loving and Learning Child Care Center we understand that you are choosing us to care for the most precious person in your life and we take on that responsibility as if it were our own child.  Our infant caregivers are full of nurturing love and are trained in the methods required for the growth and development of your child.  Various experiences are designed to promote gross motor skills while providing a stimulating environment which helps foster trusting relationships.  We provide daily written reports for each parent which documents our infants’ naps, diaper changes, feedings and moods.  We meet all our infants’ needs promptly and lovingly, helping them learn to trust themselves and their world.

Toddler Program

Our toddler program offers increased learning with a focus on language and motor skill development through exploratory and self-guided play. Educational tools including shapes, colors, letters, numbers, and symbols are introduced to encourage the foundation for later academic learning. Music, art and reading further enhance and enrich the learning environment. Throughout the activities, teachers are supportive and positive in their interactions ensuring the growth of the children at all times. Toddlers are also provided with frequent outdoor and indoor play sessions.


In our Two Year Old program, additional learning enhancement is provided by continued music, art and reading presentations as well as self-guided independent play. Two Year Olds are encouraged to take on more independence to build self-esteem and confidence. Further orientation of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. takes place to support recognition and later learning. Read aloud sessions promote language development. Parents are given detailed schedules for weekly curriculum as well as suggestions for increased learning at home.

In the Two Year Old program, more focus is placed on physical capability and responsibility through language development and potty training. Teachers support and encourage children’s efforts with consistent caring and supportive interactions. Outdoor play is scheduled throughout the day to encourage creativity and develop imagination.

Summer camp and Enrichment Programs including dance, soccer shots, and Amazing Athletes are available for Two Year Old students.


The Threes Program continues themes of academic learning while also adding some new exciting elements to the curriculum. Self-guided play, art, music and storytelling are still an important part of the program while the shift to more structured academic study takes place. Animal Island is a unique and fun alphabet learning course designed to improve learning and rapid retention of alphabet letters and order. This program which lasts throughout the year allows students to learn the academic principles while also encouraging social development and imaginative thinking and storytelling.

Summer camp and Enrichment Programs including dance and Amazing Athletes are available for Three Year Old students.


The Four-K Program furthers the use of structured curriculum while continuing to utilize the complementary educational enrichment of music, art, field trips and self-guided play. Following our Four-K program, children are well prepared for promotion to 5-K programs.

Two distinct academic systems are taught at this level for development of language and oral skills, early math concepts, reading, writing skills and social development. The Lippincott curriculum is a reading and language arts program developed to teach language skills, reading and writing. This program, specially designed for children who do not yet read or write, combines auditory and oral lesson plans to promote understanding of the alphabet system, letters and numbers. This exceptional program not only teaches the academic aspects of letter and number recognition and usage but provides a foundation for the essentials of communication and verbal expression.

The Math component of the academic curriculum is Mathematics Their Way. This program informs the understanding of patterns and other mathematical concepts with the use of specific tools and materials. Mathematics Their Way is customizable to meet the child at their level of knowledge and learning for tailored growth and advancement.

Summer camp and Enrichment Programs including dance, soccer shots, and Amazing Athletes are available for Four K students.

School Age Program

Our School Age Programs offer support and education for after school care as well as a specialized summer program.

After Care is available to school age children throughout the school year as well as on school holidays. Children are supervised in our safe environment while they play, socialize and get support to complete their homework. We also provide unique excursions and special activities during school holidays.

Summer camp is available for School Age students.

Summer Camp

The summer camp program is available during the summer months when the regular school term is not in session. We offer many outdoor and indoor physical activities, programs and special outings and field trips. Outside activities include free play, skating, swimming, bowling, and movie trips. Crafts, art, music and a reading program are also included to encourage continued learning and academic retention. Social activities are designed to promote self-confidence, foster initiative, and encourage socialization.

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