Our History

The Loving and Learning Child Care Center program was founded in 1979. The vision and goal for the center first developed over 38 years ago, is the same as it is today: To provide a loving, caring, educational environment in which your child can be loved and learn.

With a focus on utilizing tools and educational resources designed specifically for the age and readiness of the child, Loving and Learning Child Care Center opens the doors for greater learning and childhood development, all while creating a safe, loving, accepting and caring family atmosphere.

With almost 4 decades offering quality education, Loving and Learning Child Care Center is a leading privately owned child care provider in the North Charleston area.

Our Approach

Loving and Learning Child Care Center is a highly successful and renowned program. We are family owned and operated and we pride ourselves on our exceptionally caring and highly trained staff and directors. Our staff are local, community members themselves, whose devotion and caring extends to the community all around us.

Our commitment to your child's health, safety and quality education is unparalleled. We attend to all aspects of your child's academic, social and emotional well-being, to ensure a positive and loving foundation to flourish and grow.

Our Methodologies

Customized Education

We work closely with you to learn and understand your child's specific needs, talents and challenges. Our goal is to create an experience for your child that includes all aspects of his or her healthy development and education. Every child learns differently and has different strengths. Giving your child the right tools, along with the freedom and independence to learn and grow at a rate that fits their unique needs, is a cornerstone of our progressive and effective program.

Here at Loving and Learning Child Care Center we are proud to offer our old fashioned values and southern charm. As a privately owned preschool we are able to pick and choose the best curriculum.

Developmental Learning

We provide many varying experiences and opportunities for learning. Studies have proven that children at young ages learn best in active and imaginative activities. Research further shows that the building blocks to success in skills such as reading, math and social interactions are often cultivated as a result of organic and improvised play.

Exceptional Staff

All of our staff members are extensively trained and qualified to provide the best possible care for your children. Our teachers are highly regarded, kind and experienced individuals. We regard our staff highly and provide them with continuing education to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Comfortable Environment

Our facility and all aspects of our program are designed to meet the highest of standards when it comes to the safety and security of your child.  From the maintenance, care and security of our center to our nutritious food preparation, we are diligent and thorough. Our security protocols and procedures are up to date and regularly tested and upgraded.


  • Over 1/2 acre of shady/sun playground
  • Open field for organized games & sports
  • Outdoor toys

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